Q. What powers the Cobb?
A. The Cobb uses between 6 & 10 Regular Charcoal briquettes. For more heat use up to 10 briquettes. For baking use only 4-6 briquettes and keep the dome shaped lid on at all times in order to keep the heat in. Also available for the Cobb is the Cobblestone, which is specifically manufactured for the Cobb. It is eco friendly, quick and easy to light and generally burns a little hotter than briquettes.

Q. How many charcoal briquettes are needed to cook?
A. The Cobb uses between 6 & 10 Briquettes

Q. How many Cobblestones are needed to cook?
A. Just 1 Cobblestone per cooking session is required and it will burn for 2 hours.

Q. How many people can the Cobb cook for?
A. The Cobb is designed to cook for between 2-5 people.

Q. How do you light the charcoal briquettes?
A. There are a number of ways to efficiently light your charcoals. The easiest way is to use a solid or gel type fire starter material, which is easily obtainable at most grocery stores. Simply break off 2-3 small pieces of the lighter material and place them in the fire chamber below the Fire Grid. We specifically recommend “Quicklight Firelighters” manufactured by Bryant & May as they are individually wrapped and contain no kerosene so no smell or taint. Once the lighter material is flaming, place your regular charcoal briquettes on the fire grid. These will flame for approximately 5-6 minutes and then the flame will disappear. Once your briquettes are 25% grey (ashy) colour then you are ready to begin your Cobb experience. Place the grid over the heat and allow the grid to heat up for a couple of minutes before placing food on the grill.

Q. Can you use lighter fluid to start the charcoal?
A. There is one rule only when it comes to lighting the charcoal. DO NOT USE LIGHTER FLUID. There is a real chance of cross contamination with the flavour well if lighter fluid is used so stay away from lighter fluids. Use of lighter fluid may cause permanent surface damage to your Cobb.

Q. How long does it take from the start until the unit is ready to cook?
A. Using briquettes the whole process will be no longer than 10-20 minutes until you are ready to cook, using the Cobblestone you are ready to cook in about 4 minutes.

Q. Can one add charcoal briquettes during the cooking process?
A. This can be done but is not recommended due to the initial smoke emitted whilst they start to burn. Under most circumstances the 3 hours burn time of up to 10 briquettes is sufficient to cook most dishes.

Q. Can the Cobb be used indoors?
A. The Cobb is designed for outdoor use only.

Q. Why is there no smoke or flame from the bbq?
A. Due to the way that the grill grid is designed the Cobb is both smokeless and flameless. The grill grid is Convex in shape and tapered outward from the middle of the grid. ALL your grease and excess residue will run off the sides of the grill and through the holes. The grease will drop down into the flavour well and WILL NOT drop on the briquettes. This is the reason that you will not have smoke or flame as there is no grease getting to the fuel source.

Q. What is the maximum amount of food that can be cooked on the Cobb?
A. The Cobb is designed to cook any type of food up to 4 pounds. The briquettes will give you a typical cooking time of 2 to 2 and a half hours. So in effect anything that you can cook in your oven or on your BBQ at home in 2 hours can be cooked on the Cobb with ease.

Q. Is the Cobb safe around children?
A. Although the Cobb is completely cool to the touch on the outer lower base, the dome does get hot when using the Cobb as an oven. Children should ALWAYS be supervised when around or near a Cobb. The Cobb is not designed for children to use.

Q. Is it a requirement that the Cobb has liquid in the flavour well at all times?
A. No, it is purely a matter of choice, a cup full of wine, beer, cider etc. will infuse flavour into the food being cooked and keep it moist. The Cobb works equally well with nothing in the moat or even vegetables that will roast in the fat from the meat (if the meat is too fatty you may like to wrap the vegetables in kitchen foil).

Q. How long will the briquettes last?
A. The briquettes will burn for a total of 3 to 3 ½ hrs. The cooking time however is the first 2 hrs to 2 ½ hrs depending on the type of briquettes that are used.

Q. Is the Cobb easy to clean? And how? 
A. One of the best features of the Cobb is the ability to clean it so easily. The Cobb is dishwasher safe (excluding dome & base). The grill grid, fire basket, steel bowl and all the accessories can all be placed in the dishwasher. The outer base does not collect a lot of dirt and can be easily wiped down with a cloth and some soap.

Q. How does one dispose of the charcoal?
A. When the Charcoal is burned out there is a small pile of ash that can easily be disposed of. At any time during the cooking process the briquettes can be carefully removed from the unit and submerged in water to put them out. Take care when disposing of hot ashes. Please enquire at the facility where you are if there is a service for disposing of hot ash.

Q. Can the Cobb be placed back in the carry bag while the fuel is still burning? 
A. We do not suggest placing hot briquettes in the carry bag. Please remove all hot coals before transporting or packing the Cobb back in its carry bag.

Q. Are recipes supplied with the Cobb?
A. We supply sample recipes on our Website. A Cobb recipe book is also available.

Q. Can I fry or stir fry with my Cobb? 
A. With the Cobb Wok, stir fry becomes easy. The Cobb Skillet is used for frying foods.

Q. Can I bake Pizza in the Cobb?
A. Pizza can be baked on the Cobb in 8-15 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the pizza.

Q. How do I cook fish in the Cobb? 
A. A great trick with cooking fish on the Cobb is to add white wine in the flavour well and close the lid. This flavour will rise and flavour the fish. With the non stick grid fish is easy to handle on the Cobb.

Q. Can I smoke the food with the Cobb? If so, where do I place the woodchips?
A. There are several ways to hot smoke food in the Cobb. The small smoking pot available on our website and used with a few briquettes is perfect for the job. Alternatively if you are using large wood chips you can soak them for an hour or so and then place then directly on the burning briquettes. We believe a gentler heat is required when smoking so would recommend using just a few briquettes for this purpose.

Q. What is the best type of briquettes to use with my Cobb? 
A. Any good quality briquette will work just fine in the Cobb, better quality briquettes burn cleaner, hotter and longer. We recommend a product called Heat Beads which are available from our website.

Q. Are extra parts and spares available? 
A. All parts, spares and Cobb accessories are available on this website in the Cobb Store.

Q. Do I need to remove the rubber pieces that separates the bowl from the plastic base? 
A. No, The rubber inserts are what keeps the bowl suspended and keeps the heat away from the plastic base. DO NOT REMOVE!

Q. Will all of the Cobb accessories fit in the carry bag?
A. If packed correctly the Cobb with fry dish, fry pan, griddle & dome extension will fit in the bag. This is how to pack the bag. Start with the empty bag then place the components in this order:

  • Griddle (in bottom of bag upside down)
  • Cobb base with inner bowl and fire basket
  • Fry pan
  • Place grill plate, roast rack & all the smaller items on top of the fry pan
  • Dome Lid
  • Invert dome extension and slide over top of dome
  • Invert fry dish on top (you may find it easier to place in roof of bag when closing)