1311177597 Dome

Stainless Steel. Used during roasting, smoking, baking or kettle type barbecuing.
Hot when cooking

1311177410 Grill

Non-Stick Cooking surface for roasting, barbecuing (braaing), baking and smoking. Supplied with a lifting fork for handling the grill when hot.
Drains fat and grease away from food into the moat. No smoke and no mess!

1311177702 Fire Basket and Pot Stand

Stainless Steel basket holds fuel (briquettes, Heat beads or a single Cobblestone) when cooking.

1311177654 Bowl

Fire chamber holds fire basket. Fire lighters are place in fire chamber to ignite the heat beads (not required when using a cobblestone). The moat can be used for cooking vegetables or used for wine or beer, to infuse flavour and keep food moist whilst cooking. Bowl can be removed easily for cleaning.

1311177815 Base

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and is cool to the touch when cooking. This enables you to cook anywhere and anytime. The base has rubber feet and so avoids sliding around when in use.

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